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Our Team


Susan L. Pirzchalski

Susan Pirzchalski is the President of Daxtron Laboratories, bringing over 30 years of engineering and engineering management expertise to the organization. Having worked in both mid-sized and start-up engineering companies, she understands the dynamics of diverse product development teams and the need for flexible, yet structured development environments. Her direct engineering experience – from electronic design to firmware development to mechanical engineering – gives her a deep understanding of systems engineering and project management, allowing her to manage projects from inception to final testing and deployment.

Chief Scientist

Kino H. Coursey

Kino High Coursey, PhD, is the Chief Scientist and AI Researcher at Daxtron Laboratories, combining expertise in Python, advanced AI models, and LangChain with deep knowledge in AI and IA. He has developed Daxtron's Persona- and Thought-Oriented Programming method and Thought Virtual Machine concepts to extend the capabilities of current AI systems. Kino's AI language self-improvement work is demonstrated in the Harmony android project, with a focus on sensory integration and contextual awareness. As a member of the AIML chatbot language design committee, he has contributed to the development of significant robotics projects with Hanson Robotics (Bina48 and Sophia) and Hanson RoboKind, in addition to consulting roles with Motorola and IBM. He has been recognized by the National Science Foundation for his work on the Computational Compassion architecture and humanoid robotics in language learning.

AI Technical Advisor

Douglas Miles

Doug implemented a first round IEEE SUO-KIF Inference engine for http://suo.ieee.org. He has 14 years experience in Artificial Intelligence applications, has implemented several inference engines, and is very familiar with the Cyc ontology and is a key resource to the OpenCyc community. Of key relevance is his development of LogicMoo, a Cyc-based multi-user object oriented simulation environment, where the world and agents are simulated by the Cyc ontology.

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