Daxtron Laboratories


EscherSpace is our system for generating multiple AI personalities using Large Language Models (LLMs) to solve complex problems.

Realizing Magic Through Technology

M.C. Escher is renowned for playing with perspective, space, and reality, morphing non-Euclidean concepts onto two-dimensional surfaces, and simultaneously portraying multiple viewpoints. His art bends our perception of reality, pushing us to think beyond what’s possible – a quality we aim to embody with EscherSpace.

EscherSpace is our technology platform that, akin to Escher’s works, strives to present diverse perspectives at once. It is a system for storing the definitions of multiple LLMs (Large Language Models) with higher-dimensional attributes, enabling a shift away from static conversation bots towards dynamic personalities that adapt to the right situation at the right time.

In Escher’s art, the impossible becomes possible, and perspectives ceaselessly change. In a similar vein, EscherSpace allows us to step away from the traditional, one-dimensional perspective of viewing AI as merely a tool. Instead, it promotes the understanding of AI as a spectrum of individual personalities capable of insightful interactions and cooperation.

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