Daxtron Laboratories

Technically Impossible Maneuver (TIM)

At its core, TIM represents the epitome of Intelligence Augmentation (IA) – a groundbreaking Strategic Advisor System meticulously crafted to elevate decision-making processes. The multifaceted capabilities of TIM extend far beyond conventional systems, offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to empower users in the realms of brainstorming, summarization, wargaming support, and generalized decision support/decision advantage.

Meet TIM

TIM is an “Intelligence Augmentation” (IA) Strategic Advisor System used to provide brainstorming assistance, summarization, wargaming support capabilities, and generalized decision support/decision advantage via the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) and context-specific data loaded into TIM by the user.  The system has been designed to limit the issues associated with LLM “hallucinations” by incorporating strong grounding techniques during operation.

Daxtron was awarded a DoD contract for “Strategic Advisor Avatar Artificial Intelligence” utilizing the TIM system.

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