About Daxtron Laboratories

Daxtron Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1987. Our primary goal is to get advanced technology from the lab into the field as quickly as possible. Call us when you need rapid prototyping, are trying to bypass an internal corporate empire, or when you’ve “just gotta have it”.

Larger projects we have worked on include:

·         MailBot: complete E-mail management system with full logical inferencing capabilities in 9 months.

·         MicroNoc: complete transportable two-way paging base station with internet connectivity (e-mail, Web, remote access, etc.) First full demo in 6 months, in use for 5 years, and 3 generations of technology. In use at MIT and meeting regulatory requirements for Latin American carriers.

·         P32mxi: International product supporting voice, data, ATM and Internet protocols in a low-cost modular design.

·         CEMA: Modular design representation optimized for coverage and speed.

·         PANDOR: Machine language genetic programming system with genetic control parameters encoded in the genomes evolved.

For general information contact: info@daxtron.com

Our Principal Researchers:

Kino H. Coursey — Chief Scientist

Kino's e-mail: kino@daxtron.com

As Chief Scientist, Kino does software research for the Company.  His core interests are in investigating AI/robotic/android systems and genetic programming systems.

Kino's knowledge of Prolog and Expert Systems were essential to the development of the MailBot–the first full expert system for a standard mail system.

Kino has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of North Texas.
Kino has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.

General Dynamics: Knowledge Engineer (6 years) supporting F-16 design and production. Supported GD’s “art-to-part” system and tool process planning system.


Micronyx: Helped develop DES-encrypted File Manager.


IBM: Worked on Office Vision File Manager.


Daxtron Laboratories: Designed rule engine and mail store interface for MailBot, which allowed full Prolog to be applied to e-mail operations.  Developed CEMA technology.


Motorola: Principal developer of Motorola’s MicroNoc transportable two-way paging base station:


·         Integrated multiple technologies into a rapidly deployable system.

·         System is used by Motorola and supported developers to test new technologies and systems.

·         Allowed customers to meet regulatory and testing requirements for a fraction of the cost (6 MicroNoc’s cost $180K vs. full system to meet same need $2.4M).

·         Reduced deployment and installation time from weeks to hours allowing live systems to be demonstrated.

·         Demonstrated remote access to database information using natural language interface developed.

·         Demonstrated remote device control and data collection.

·         Used in the MIT Conard project, testing information on demand and constant connectivity concepts.


Pleiades Communications, Inc.: Principal developer of Internet technologies.


On the AIML (Aritficial Intelligence Markup Language) Committee. Alice, the prototype chatbot by Dr. Richard Wallace using the AIML effort, has won the Loebner Prize for the last two years. Primary contribution has been in the area of tools for translating text into AIML code, and allowing the system extend itself by writing AIML from user interaction as a form of learning.

Susan L. Pirzchalski — President

Susan's e-mail: susan@daxtron.com

Susan has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas. 

AT&T Bell Labs: Designed Automatic Line Insulation Test (ALIT) software for the 5ESS Digital Switch.  Designed Common Control Processor hardware for the ISDN Line Unit for the 5ESS.  Evaluated suitability of CAD tools for processor design.


Electrospace Systems: Designed and installed secure communication systems at various U.S. Air Force bases.


Reliance Comm/Tec (Reltec): Designed Line Interface Unit software for the DISC*S system. Wrote system requirements for Motorola CableComm project and Master GR-303 Test Plan.


Daxtron Laboratories: Designed MailBot user interface, allowing novice users to construct complex rules.  Wrote user’s manual.


Pleiades Communications, Inc.: President and CTO/Systems Architect. Wrote core software for the Versapath 2000 and P32mxi systems.