XXX-Files: Adult Androids and Bodies

WARNING: Some links may lead to nude dolls.

Most of these links lead to sites where sex meets technology. Must be 18 to enter most of these sites (but not our site, though). Some sites are not "adult" oriented, but do deal with life size dolls necessary for companion android designs.

Most visions of the future with androids in them tend to have the sexbot as a joke in the background, in a supporting role, or as a central character. Star Trek's Data is known to be "fully functional." Even Spielberg’s A.I. had Gigolo Joe, a pleasure bot designed for female clients, supporting David in his quest for happiness. Ideally, the android has multiple functions and capabilities just as a person does with safe sex being one of them. But as shown by the success of passive bodies at the $5000-$6000 price point, additional functionality is not a requirement for some. There is a market for "single function" androids.

While traditional android research works from the inside-out (software to bodies), doll bots work from the outside-in. The image, usually defined as a idealized human female, is the highest value. Other functions are added as long as they do not compromise looks or passive capabilities.

The Labs' interest in this topic area is both the final finish of a complete android (after all, humans ARE naked under all their clothes), and the software such a system would require. The least-expensive mass-producted silicone bodies are found in the erotic doll market. While some animatronic systems have very limited life spans (some movie systems are measured in hours), some of these dolls are designed for long-term use, interacting with a variable and unpredictable load (their owner). There is also a large overlap with other android systems. To be successful, most companion and sexbot androids simply have to "be" with their owner, thus making a natural fail-soft application.

The current state of the art is pretty passive, with most of the software residing in the imagination of the owner. However, all the manufacturers listed have expressed interest in robotic versions of their creations. A "fully functional" system is only a matter of time…


The Doll Forum A discussion board for RealDoll, SuperBabe, ANDY the android and other realistic "fully functional" sexbots. Owner, inventors and manufacturers met to work out problems and plot the future. Everything from social discussion to chemical compositions. Adult mentality required.

ANDY Android Project ANDY is a German android project. Current design is fairly passive but has a serious goal of making a real sexual android. Our vision system Visual Cortex is ANDY compatible. Also, check out ANDYBOT online, a chatbot being designed to interface with ANDY.

Domestic Passive Bodies For Sale

RealDoll The first to commercialize a passive body. Has the widest selection based on mix and match system. Special versions have eye blink, motion control, 'activity detection' and just announced ethernet computer interfaces for sensory based audio response. Now available in Male. New website as of 2002-01-15.

SuperBabe’s super claim is durability. Her creator has an ISO9000 background and tests to destruction. Titanium and Kevlar help make her super. Motion control processor under developement.

RealDoll vs. SuperBabe One Doll Forum moderator has both dolls, and did a side-by-side comparison of both. Includes responses from both creators.

The RealDoll Matrix Setup by members of the Doll Forum, the matrix contains each body and head combination for RealDoll products. Samples submitted by RealDoll owners. Status: on-line.

Cyborgasmatrix A new entry that has been under development for seven years. Based on a elastomeric gel instead of silicone for enhanced durability, along with internal motion generation. Includes wireless headphone system with 3D sound tracks recorded using a simulated head based microphone system, to provide a first person audio perspective. First shades of Augmented Reality?

Victorias-Closet Personal site of the moderator that did the doll review above. Also has information on repair work.

SladesWorld Slade works for Matt at RealDoll and does repair work. Has both images of dolls and the details of their surgery and repair.

The Japan Connection

Photogenic Doll Natori Sato is a Japanese artist who creates very realistic looking "NO SEX" dolls. Natori is developing a hollow model (Module Cybernetics) specifically for robotic hobbyists.

Tabo is a doll owner in Japan with well over $40K worth of dolls of all types. A good reference site for entering the world of Japaneese dolls. Will order and ship items for interested foreigners.

CandyGirl International Orient Industries’ line of "Candy" girls are the most common doll in Japan. They now ship to the USA. Jewel is their high-end silicone model.

Perfect Eve Another Japanese doll maker. They go to great lengths for proper body feel, with full skeleton and simulated internal organs.